Adventure Palace


Adventure Palace is an incredible online slot game taking you through a ride in jungles in India with its 5 reels. It takes you on a quest to find riches in an ancient palace with the help of 3 rows and pay lines.

Added features of this online casino game will have you on the way to winning big. With 3 Scatter symbols or more on the reels, win yourself 15 free slot spins. If you are lucky to land on another reel of 3 or more Scatters during the free slot spins, you start from the beginning. Your fifteen free spins are again credited to your account. You can win double if you flash the Wild symbol on your screen. Staying true to the tradition of many slot machines available free of charge, the Wild symbol proxies for other signs in the game, with the exception of the Scatter symbol.

Adventure Palace


Microgaming knows that the online hard-core slot players need more than just a solid storyline and beautiful graphics to keep them engaged and that is why there are numerous extras in the Adventure Palace game.

You get to make a choice to play with nine pay-lines where similar symbols make you the winner. The wild symbol in this game is an Elephant glyph, in line with the jungle theme of the casino game, and as a cherry on top, your wins are doubled when it is on the screen irrespective of the arrangement. Matching three or more symbols on the game results in entering free spins of fifteen where the Scatter symbol symbolizes the Adventure Palace. For the gamers looking to win big, they can guess the color of the next draw of cards giving them a chance to double or increase any of their win by four times. By correctly guessing in a succession, players are in for a huge payment.

Tried And Tested Theme:

Even though this casino slot game is named Adventure Palace but it leaves a lot to be desired. For gamers looking for something more sophisticated and unique, this game will fall short of expectations as the jungle theme has been done to the death in the casino games.

That does not mean that the game is bad, it still offers a pleasant and satisfactory slot game experience to the players. But nothing extraordinary. Players can almost feel as if they are wondering through an abandoned jungle away from civilization with the help of excellent visual detailing and decent sound score in the background.

Basic Attributes:

With its incredible visuals and lively sound, Adventures Palace is still one of the finest online slot games in the wild jungle genre. Various symbols are used in the slot game for winning such as the elephant for wild and the Palace symbol as a scatter. Adventure PalacePlayers can win a jackpot of then thousand coins when five of the elephant’s symbols are on any of the nine play-lines. With the variety of winning symbols in the game, the combinations that are winning in this slot game total greater than 36. Keeping the jungle theme alive, the paying symbols include Peacocks, Birds, Tigers, Monkeys and Snakes amongst other common high-value cards like King, Queen etc. All the other symbols on the reel can be replaced by the wild symbol Elephant, excluding the scatter. Plays on which elephant is on the screen are doubled. The palace themed scatter symbols are a little tricky to find and three or more of them on the reel results in free spins. Fifteen is the maximum number of free spins in the game but they can be restarted if the player has another 3 or more scatter symbols while in the free spin mode. Players who are feeling more adventurous have the option after every play to guess the next colour or suit to double or quadruple their money.

Distinctive Characteristics:

For people who like to feel they are in physically in the game, Adventure Palace high paced and appropriate sound effects mimicking jungle will be the attraction. The sense of adventure is increased with the added special bonuses and other plays to increase the chances of winning high.


Adventure Palace is more tilted towards the traditional design rather the newer cutting-edge ones out there. In the sound department, players will not be left wanting and will be enthralled by the sounds of rain, leaves rustling making them feel as they are forging through a real Indian jungle. Tiger’s triumphant growl will be like music to their ears each time they land a winning combination.

When it comes to graphics effects, there are no dazzling 3D effects in the game but it gives an old-fashioned slot game feel. With its detailed animal drawings and stunning details of jungles, it does the job well.

Structure of the Game:

The nine play lines of the Adventure Palace game are made up of five reels and three rows. The jungle theme is prevalent in all the symbols with the paying symbols made up of animals such as Monkey, Cobra and peacocks and the other normal playing cards like the King, ten, Queen etc have the intricate tree vines drawn on them. The wild symbol elephant is adorned with jewels to go with the palace theme and can help finish any combination by being a replacement for regular symbols (except scatter).  Free spins are triggered by three or more scatter symbol of White Palace anywhere on the board. If you are in luck and land on five or more gorgeous elephants, you win the jackpot of 10,000 coins.

Ending Remarks:

One of the starter games in the online slot games range by Microgaming, Adventure Palace still remains amongst one of the most liked,  For the players new to the online slot games, the simple gameplay is an easy learn. For the more experienced players, the added theme elements are the charm.

The game can give the feel of being finished in a hurry by the developers. However, for people who are a fan of jungle theme games and want the chance to win big, this online slot game is ideal.

Types of Casino games

In this article I want to give a brief intro about the types of casino games. Casino games are very excited and entertaining. By playing casino games you can earn money very quick. There are lots of games in both casinos online and land-based where you can play but play these games with real money only when you know all about the games like all rules of that particular game. Here I am going to tell about some:

  1. Blackjack- Blackjack game is very famous, popular and old game. This is a card game and in this game player need the combination of the 21. If player go above the number 21 so he will be eliminate. Or winner will be that player who closet to the number 21 or exact 21.
  2. Roulette- Roulette is a game which is a rotating circular board wheel with several numbers and play with small ball. In roulette game the player have to bet on a particular number and the dealer spin the roulette and throw the ball, when the wheel stop and if the player’s number is correct the he will be the winner.
  3. Slot Machines- The slot machines are the earliest game in the casino. You do not need to be perfect in slot games like card games. In slot games player needs to throw the coin in the slot machine and pull the lever. After stopping the reel 3 numbers will be displayed, if the number combination is same then you will be the winner.
  4. Craps- Craps is one of the popular and dice-rolling games. It allows you to bet in many ways and it is played by rolling the dice. You can win this game by getting the specified numbers on dice. Other player can also bet for a particular number while one is rolling the dice.
  5. Poker- Poker is a game of cards and players compete with each other. Poker game needs lots of basic knowledge and skills before playing.

These are the most famous casino which you can play on both online as well as land based casinos. If you make a plan to play casino games then I would suggest you to play online casino games because they allow you to play wide variety of games on internet. Land based casino offers only limited casino games. So I think this post will be very helpful of you.

To play a better Roulette

It is very obvious now days to enjoy gambling over the internet as it provides so much ease playing various exciting games online. One of these games is the roulette which most of the punters like to enjoy and taking so much advantage. This post is focused on this game where i tried to give the basics and various interesting features that offers so much to the players and help them to improve their odds. People focus on an advantage system for the roulette having some special instructions for the game to make the bets at the roulette table.

One of the promising benefits of the online casino games is that there are various varieties available at a same place at the same time with so many exciting offers. You can enjoy it at any place and your suitable time. The only thing you have to do is to download the gambling software and to make an account via filling a form. These login details of the registration process will be used later on for the further deals for the entire process. After these initial and the basic requirements you can start playing on the web server itself by making a bet on the roulette table and make a good practice via the real feel of the casino. The roulette system is based on a program distributing the random numbers. The roulette is a simple game but quite different to understand initially. Like every gambling event, this is also a game of chance, and you can reduce your odds by placing the right bets. The European wheel is a better option as compared to the American wheel if you want more chances of winning. The logic behind this is that there are 2 less numbers which reduce the casino odds via the European game. So a European wheel is a smart choice of you want to go ahead in this game.

There are some crucial points that you need to avoid in the roulette games. There are thousands of roulette machines by which you can win lot of dollars online. As we all know that all the casino games are based on the luck. While playing online casino games you will find very huge range of roulette games. Another aspect is to take out with you a specific amount and stick to only that. Never went beyond it if you take the actual fun and the aroma of the game. And then you will purely enjoy the true essence.

Play for Online Casino Bonuses

Are you interested to play online casino games then you will get your stuff here. If you like to play casino games then you should know about the casino bonuses. As we all know the casino games has become very popular in the last decade. And if you genuinely want to enjoy casino games thrill and excitement than you can enjoy it with online casino bonuses. Then you must find the amazing facts and tips here. Casino is the only easiest way to earn more money in less time. So the owners of the online casino introduced an online casino bonus system to get more money.

The one more important feature of playing online casino is the referral bonus, i.e. every other person that joins due to your convincing power and in return, the casino give you an extra money for that. The purpose of doing that is to generate more revenue as the number of individual’s increases, the revenue of the casino is also increases. This is not the new way to attract people, it’s the most popular technique in land based casinos and online casinos adopt it. The only difference is the referral bonus, in land based casinos they provide you free drinks, or may be snacks while in online casinos they provide bonus in the form of money which is credited to your account.

But for the online casino regular players can get more benefits or advantages instead of the onetime player. Especially for those players who play on daily basis not for their entertainment but, take the casino bonus seriously as well. Online casino bonus is the only think which is not risky in casino games.

Online casino bonuses can be found at every online casino website. Deposit matching bonus is the most typical factor about the online casino bonuses. There are some specific rules which you have to get in mind when you withdrawal the online casino bonus. The online casino bonus money is rich not a very big amount and it will not become you very. So here I discussed some informative points about the online casino bonus and I am hoping this will become beneficial for you. And you can earn more money through casino bonuses.

Online Casino versus Land Based Casino

As we all know about this is very interesting and popular debate on casinos that which casino games better either online or land-based casinos. Every individual has its own view about this, some people thinks playing in land based casino games are better than the online. Choosing any one casino type is little difficult choice. But here, in this article I explained these points which make your decision easy. But I must say online casinos grow very widely in very short term or I can say it is the brilliant invention which made gambling very easy and convenient.

I think a slot machine is one of the good ways to decide better online casino or land-based casino. Playing with slot machines are very easy you just need to insert a coin in it and just pull the lever. Land-based casino attracts maximum no. of customers comparative to the online casino. Online casinos give more attractive offers to have larger no of customers but land-based casinos have no need to do this because people rarely like to find another casino or traveling again for finding the casinos but to find another site online is not very typical task. There is thousands of online casinos website available on internet.

If you decide to go land-based casino for playing games so, you have to decide for the dress code or many thing like how far it from your home. But play online casino games is definitely better option. You can play comfortably at your home, without taking any tension for what to wear. You can easily sit anywhere at home; can eat anything without spending any extra money. That’s why I like to play online casino games. Whenever I want I can play online casino games.

As we know that credit card, online transaction is a very common crime. So in playing with online casinos is this is one big drawback. But in land based casinos you will not face this issue. If we think about the range and variety of the games so, online casino offers you wide variety of casino games, you can play lots of games, and no limit for playing any game but land based casino offers some due to small space and having many machines are difficult. Instead of land based casino, with limited machines it difficult plating so much. I think here I told lots of points which will help you to choose better casino.

Online Gambling

Gambling games are very popular now days. Every person wants to earn money very fast. So I think gambling is the best option for this. But I think here this question definitely arises why players prefers online gambling? So I am gonna tell you that yes, this is a good option because gamblers can gamble where ever and whenever he want. You will not need to go anywhere for gambling. Well online casino games are very interesting to play. It does not only give you an opportunity to win a handsome amount and fun as well. After a hectic day you can make you feel relaxed and free. The fun factor about the online gambling games is they provide new, attractive offers, jackpots, casino bonuses etc. infact online gambling also helps to get you out from the boredom. Online playing games provide you many games for playing like blackjack, roulette, bingo, baccarat, card games and poker games etc.

There are many reasons why gamblers prefer online gambling games for fun. Here are some many important factors I am going to explain:

Interactive: I think you all know that online gambling is very popular in these days and most of people interact and like to play. Especially after introduced the live dealer casino games feature. This is very attractive and unique way to interact with the gamblers. And it will never get bore o the gamblers while playing casino games because it is like a two way communication mode.

Convenience: Another reason for the choosing online gambling is that playing online is very convenient for the gamblers. Gamblers can enjoy their all favorite casino games at home with all comforts and without paying any extra charge.

Break Free Entertainment: Playing online games gives you a break free entertainment because whenever, you want to break or pause any game you can do it by itself without any issue. And infact it gives you also the flexibility that you can switch any game.

I can say that playing online casino is easier than playing it in real casinos. There are many people who can’t go to Las Vegas or any other famous casino. Online casino provides them opportunities to play casino games from anywhere.

Casino Tips

When sitting in a casino, no one wants to get back home with empty pocket. Rather every one of you wants to take out the maximum cash with you while leaving the casino. And this is what actually required while sitting in the casino. This post is going to focus on some of the tips and strategies that may lead you to the winning. However these tips may differ as per the kind of game you is playing, but some basic tricks may be applied at every step to move to the win each time you play.

Casino games are being popular day by day and most of the people prefer online casino games because they can play these games whenever they want and don’t need to go anywhere. Online casino sites are providing several kinds of games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, Poker and other like Craps. These sites also give different bonus points and offers. The first and foremost thing to always remember is the negative thing that may harm you. This is important to consider because no matter how much you are experienced, but there are always the chances of something new to learn which may feel like an odd to you for the first time. The next important thing to notice is the ratio of your win and losses and to closely work on it to improve for the next turn. Also prepare your mind to spend only a specific amount for your play and never run over it. This makes you to be quite organized and to decide when to quit. Alternatively, you can improve your practice and your strength in the playing.

To get you aware about how much time you have spent and to prevent you from indulging unnecessarily into more loss while you are already losing, some casinos offer time clocks and an alarm to alert you. The next best advice while playing is to never drink. The dangerous effect is that it completely distracts your focus and will surely put you into the big loss. You may also take some short break and relax your mind to think better for the next turn. I have seen many online casino sites which provide you some trial and bonus point to play when you sign up or register on sites. These offers may be true sometime but they only made to make you greed and attracted to them, so never blind fold trust them. The basic jist of this discussion is that be quite attentive and focused while playing. Then you can enjoy and easily benefited with your game.

Online Casino on Internet

Today I am going to share some information about online casino. The popularity of online casino is increasing day by day. People are trying and looking for new ways of gambling with fun and online casino fulfills their need by providing several options for playing casino. I think online casinos are more beneficial for casino players because it gives them extra bonus points according to the player such as new or high value. I can say that if you are planning to go any land based casino to play then the first thing you should have enough money. You have to pay before playing the game but online casino sites allow casino player to play first unlike the land based casinos. As we know nothing is free so online casino sites gives you some trial to play and you would have to pay for it after or during your game.

Online Casino sites also give welcome bonus when you sign up and allow you to download the casino software for free. There is an another advantage which I like the most is that I can play whenever I want to play and would not have to wait for playing it. When you play online casino then you can manage your bonus or deposited money and can use it when you want to play again. The online casino sites also provide special prizes like trips and exchange offer for your bonus points. Any individual can earn more money with the VIP programs and other contest. These programs allow you to paly online casino at little fee. People can choose their favorites casino games such as Video Poker, Blackjack, Scratch Cards, Keno and other slot machine games. Lots of people play online casino and makes money but now the online casino field has become very popular and competitive. Finding a good casino site on internet is also becoming a challenge because we can see a new casino site everyday on internet. Every casino site is providing new offers and enjoyable games. I would suggest taking all the basic and necessary steps before playing online casino and sharing any payment related information. It would make you more confident and safe while playing casino games on internet. I hope this post would be beneficial for those who need to know about the online casino on the internet through interesting and enjoyable way.